The Festival bazaar offers vendors a place to provide quality goods and services that support the healthy lifestyle.

Bazaar Setup: All bazaar vendors may arrive to Festival after 11:00AM on July 15th and can setup their booth after registering onsite. 
The Bazaar will stay open during last day of the Festival on July 18th and the break-down of the booth can be after the closing of the Festival.

If you would like to offer something that supports ones life journey to inner peace and happiness please feel free to fill in the application form below.

The place to the bazaar will be granted with the base fee of 120€ per merchant.
The fee includes entry for one person to the Festival. If you would like to add more people to your bazaar place, then this is possible with reduced price, please contact us.

By filling out the merchant form below, you can also select some add-ons to your Bazaar spot, be that tables, chairs and electricity or you can even rent your own Bazaar tent.

Please give us as much information as possible with the application form what are you offering, so the Bazaar Manager can assess whether the goods you are providing meet the criteria of correlation to healthy yogic lifestyle.


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