Festival theme is ”Joy of Light

19th-21st of July

The Festival is Celebration of the Soul and the Light.
We come together as a Family in brightness, lightness ja joy – Kundalini Yoga Festival is the Celebration to all of us!
All Kundalini yoga friends, experienced practitioners as well as newcomers are very welcome. It is a festival celebrating the soul and the light, and is meant for the entire family.

<<Uplifting our soul and making it shine,
uplifting our character and making it to be true,
uplifting our life to serve others,
bringing grace,
Divinity and dignity to our self,
is it not our right, is it not where we should start,
is it not we each one has to do for each other?>>

– We create a higher frequency with early morning practices.
– Days are filled with inspiring workshops.
– Organized activities for children and a bazaar.
– Dancing and singing and enjoying the tender summer evenings under the nearly 400 year-old trees of the manor park.

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The space is being held by known teachers from Estonia and abroad

  • Dharam Nivas Kaur Khalsa (Finland/India)
  • Harpurkh Kaur (Estonia)
  • Jagat Joti Kaur (Estonia)
  • Jai Kartar Kaur (Estonia)
  • Jasbir Singh Khalsa (India)
  • Jivan Mukta (Chile/Finland)
  • Prabhudeep Kaur (Estonia)
  • Sat Darshan Kaur (Finland)
  • Sat Guru Kaur Khalsa (USA/Hispaania)
  • Taranbir Kaur (Estonia)

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Here is small introduction what were some of the topics that Teachers were bringing out in the Workshops of the 2019 Festival.

The Healing Light of Shakti Dance®
Sat Darshan Kaur

Shakti Dance® is a form of conscious and devotional dance in which different dance styles, movements, rhythms etc. are combined with breath, focus, repetition and energy work. This creates a powerful yogic tool for balancing, creating harmony and experiencing the Infinity within the finite human body. It has various phases from gentle stretches and dynamic standing exercises to free dance, relaxation and meditation.

Shakti Dance® was created by Sara Avtar, a Kundalini Yogi and life-long dancer, and blessed by Yogi Bhajan in 2001.

In this workshop we bring Light to our bodies and minds and let the inner Light guide the breath, movement and spirit to create a most healing dance.

The core impulses of anger and sexuality
Jivan Mukta

Spiritual wisdom gives a tremendous guidance to live and evolve… But evolution is the consequence of how we harness the raw energies that move us from the depth of our guts and feelings.

Kundalini Yoga & Trauma Release
Sat Guru Kaur Khalsa

TRANSFORMATION OF TRAUMA INTO DHARMA I would like to weave together the Somatic Experience (trauma release) and the powerful techniques of Kundalini Yoga, to facilitate a safe and healing place for people to be able to recognise where their trauma is in their body-mind and release the negative charge around trauma in the memory cells of the body and mind, so that a person can live a fully connective life, present, embodied and able to fully enjoy their relationship to themselves and to others.

BRINGING FORTH THE TRANSFORMATION THAT CAN EMERGE WHEN TRAUMA IS RESOLVED. Trauma represents an event which disconnects one with oneself. Through Kundalini Yoga, sound of the gong and Somatic Experience Techniques we will investigate the power of of connection to heal trauma.

Healing is about restoring these connections, body, self, family, friends, community, nature and spirit. When the broken connection between the body, mind and spirit is restored, when the severed bonds between people and nature have been re-woven, we can begin to feel at home on this beautiful earth.

Trauma can cause a disconnection to self and to others in your life. In this workshop, we will go into the core of self-healing, which begins with recognition of inner discord. Validation can only be given and felt from within. Authentic self is vital to explore in this inner journey to self discovery, self repair and re-connection. The only connection you can have with the world and others, is being vulnerable. We will look also into the “power of vulnerability”.

Peace of Mind
Harpurkh Kaur

We will take a walk into our mind and habits. Learning to know your mind’s habits helps you to open the door to your Soul’s path. Through divine guidance, through Wahe Guru.

Spine Regulation: Sitting, Standing, Walking
Jai Kartar Kaur

Approximately 30-40% of people experience back pain constantly and 80-90% of people experience back pain to some extent during their lives. Often the pain refers to an old trauma but not only. Mostly, the reason for the pain lies in the pelvic inclination – the body posture begins from the pelvis, and we can even say that many other health problems are connected to the same reason that the pelvic inclination is not at the right angle (tingling hands, problems with breathing, blood circulation disturbances, etc). During the workshop we are going to regulate the pelvic angle of inclination, try out what it is like to sit, stand and walk with a new perception, and release tensions from the spine.
The workshop is held in Estonian 

Meditative Healing
Jivan Mukta

Meditative Healing™ is a method within the field of complementary therapies. It is the outcome of the meeting of ancient transformative meditations, the energetic elevation of Bhakti Yoga and the modern expertise of deep psychology. Meditative Healing™ is to generate health, healing and the natural body-mind state of balance. It harmonizes the dynamic relationship between subtle dimensions and the tangible world.

Your Inner Female and Male Energies
Taranbir Kaur

“The prince, now transformed into a crayfish, immediately began to disentangle the roots of the water-lily from the bed of the river, but it took him a long time. The roots were firmly fixed in the sand and mud, so that the crayfish had to work for seven whole days before he could complete his task. “

Ancient Estonian fairy tale „Gold-spinners“ is on it’s deepest layer internal female and male initiation process. Using fairytale support you dive into kundalini yoga practise in order to explore and integrate your inner male and female energies.