Abundance and prosperity are your true essence and birthright as a human being.

Time to Flourish is a day of inspiration, when kundalini yoga, liberating dance, a genuine touch of nature, and transforming gong sounds that trigger abundance meet.

Every year in the middle of July comes the time we look forward to. The nearly 400-year-old native lindens of Hatu Manor are blooming as if reminding the uninterrupted and holy continuation of LIFE with their sweet presence. Regardless of what the “conditions” have been like throughout the year, the sea of flowers and the buzz of bees is what the linden trees, symbolising the sacred feminine energy, give us in abundance every year. By unconditionally sharing with us your beauty, the healing nectar of the flowers, the care and the assurance that LIFE in its prosperity and abundance will always go on.

The Time to Flourish is flowering primarily within ourselves as we connect with our heart space, inner peace and contentment. This is how we begin to see that the world is an abundant place and the seeds of happiness grow within us.

The space is created and held by:
yoga teachers Terri and Henry Mang,
vegetarian food-wizard Tiina Pappel,
DJ Ivo Malm and
sound therapist and musician Tiina Karjatse.

We meet on July 16th at 2 p.m. until sunset.

The event proceeds in a free flow characteristic of nature until sunset at 22:22

The family of Hatu Manor will share one of the most powerful practices of launching abundance in Kundalini Yoga.

We practice meditation, which is self-sufficient to trust in abundance. The first part of it is literally to open the gates of prosperity and abundance. It completely changes your perception of god-awareness. You realise that you have unlimited reserves and abundance. This part of meditation gives you that confidence-experience and pulls itself towards you by creating a vacuum we call Shunia – a state of non-existence. If you perceive non-existence, you will achieve everything. This meditation opens up this Shunia space inside you. Another part of this meditation turns any adversity into happiness.

What Yoga teachers Terri and Henry say about abundance:

For yogis, there is an inner deep conviction that everything that happens in life and life itself is inherently abundant and that everything that happens happens for the benefit of our growth. The very incarnation in the human experience, the opportunity to participate in the “game of life” is an expression of exuberant love and abundance.

In a state of abundance consciousness, inner magnetism is activated, which does not depend on external circumstances, but can be triggered in oneself with the help of yoga technologies. For millennia, yogis have been manifesting abundance by creating energetic coherence with the quantum plane’s infinite field of possibilities.

Tiina Pappel is the vegetarian-food wizard of Hatu Manor. The delicious balanced vegetarian dishes he has prepared will make many gourmets enjoy it. During the flowering time event, Tiina shares the art of creating a food experience that invigorates her taste buds.

Liberating dance is guided by Ivo Malm

Ivo is a fan of electronic music, a DJ and a co-organiser of various events.

To wander with healing sounds, Tiina Karjatse takes us The healing vibrations of gongs and sound bowls help to achieve such a state of peace of mind, the practice of which allows us to cope with daily stress and tension. By relaxing in this way, the ability to learn and concentrate improves, creative abilities are manifested. Through a state of inner peace, a positive attitude is strengthened and an opportunity to become more aware of oneself opens up.

Time to Flourish is dedicated to the sacred lindens of Hatu Manor as a symbol of inner prosperity and is entitled.

Abundance and prosperity are your true essence and birthright as a human being.
By consistently tuning into the wave of prosperity, we access our infinite creativity, charisma and intuition.