Henry Prabhudeep (Estonia)

Henry Prabhudeep is a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor since 2009 and a Meditative Healer.
His passion for the teachings has grown into deep dedication.

He practices Meditative Healing™, a holistic and complementary healing approach, which leads far beyond the known and expected. Meditative Healing combines profound yogic teachings with the methodic application of meditation. It reaches the unconscious to heal the roots of imbalances by harmonising the connections of the body-mind dynamics.
He serves humanity by offering Meditative Healing one-to-one sessions (with online option) and Healing workshops for groups.

He is an initiator and the team leader of the Aquarian Festival Estonia.

Henry Prabhudeep is a dedicated yogi and a sensitive healer who applies the teachings and yogic lifestyle in his daily life.
Henry Prabhudeep lives with his wife Terri Prabhudeep, a Yoga associate trainer and their son in Hatu Yoga Manor, a yogic lifestyle retreat and training center, located in North-West Estonia, which is fast becoming the favourite destination for workshops and trainings among the local (and increasingly international) community.