I first came to Kundalini Yoga in the fall of 2003 to attend Marika Blossfeldt’s Yoga Course at Polli Farm. My experience with Marika led me to further research and teaching teacher training and in 2012 I completed the international Karam Kriya 1st Level Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. From this point on, I continue to practice yoga, studying and teaching in Viljandi. As a natural continuation I went to study Shakti Dance® with Sara Avtar Kaur and in the fall of 2013 I became a Certified Teacher of Shakti Dance®. By now, in my daily practice, I have combined the power of Kundalini yoga and the flow of Shakti Dance®, which is manifested in classes as well as in all other daily activities.

My spiritual name Jaipreet Kaur means the ability to overcome every obstacle and difficulty with love. Believing in it one can go through anything! “Keep up and you`ll be kept!”