Let’s take the journey from the mind into the body and further into the heart. Let’s transform intelligence into an experience and further into wisdom.

We are Terje and Jocke Salokorpi, and we are your guides and co-travelers in this journey within. We are regular people just like you; a dude and a dudette. Our approach to yoga is simple. It is a tool that can help us in making that journey. It is not a sacred system that requires our worship, just a tool, and the only thing required, is that we use it. The journey starts with getting oneself out of the overly active, egoic mind. That brings us to our online yoga school called Ooom Yoga. What does the “Ooom” stand for?

Isn’t OM the ancient sacred symbol signifying the ultimate reality, consciousness, our true self? Yes, it signifies it, but it IS not it. No word, symbol, or sound IS it. The word ‘OOOM’ in our yoga school comes from four words: Out Of Our Minds. So while the ancient OM might point us towards our “true self” the only way for us to actualize, realize, and experience it, is by getting out of our reactive thought patterns that create the illusion of this concept we call “me”.

It is also worth mentioning that, for us to be able to realize the “true self” it means we must be a little crazy (i.e. out of our minds). At least in a world where (supposedly) nothing randomly exploded into existence, and through innumerable more random events created this world, me, these insane thoughts, and this laptop, for me to share them with you.

So who is Terje and Jocke? Let’s agree that I answer this question on a more superficial level. “I am” might not satisfy everyone. We are the founders of Ashtanga Yoga School of Tallinn (2007), the first Ashtanga school in Estonia. We are the parents (guides and co-travelers) of two beautiful beings, Max Jesper and Ghita Ingelise. In addition to teaching daily yoga classes online, I (Jocke) have developed two yoga concepts (YOGAFUNC and Fullvinyasa) and I educate new instructors for them. Terje supports people in her work as a holistic regression therapist. Who are we? A dude and a dudette. 🙂