I’m so glad to meet you here!
All over the world, I love kundalini yoga, the sunrises in the morning, the heaps of clouds that hug the peaks, the mouth-watering flavours, and the colourful nature of human existence. I like to think about the wonder of Living, Love, the edge of the Universe and what is behind it, how exciting people are and where thoughts come from. Lately, I’ve been thinking more and more about how to think less and be more. And how to be more self and less imaginative of yourself.

I chose Wisdom and Love as my parents, and it was one of the best deals I made before I came into this world. Thanks to my father, I have experienced the depths of existential philosophy, ethics, and an inspiring-exciting world of thought, and I have learned the power of unconditional love, bright joy for life, and omnipotent compassion through my mother. For this most precious Head-Heart tandem, I am grateful for so many things that I could even count them.

I guess I’ve done a few trick-deals with the universe, because over and over again it offers me surprises and the joy of discovering unexpected chapters of life books. Which is cool because sailing is fun but surfing is even more fun.

I have gradually opened up to the magical world of yoga practice and philosophy for the last 25 years, but the brightest heartbeat and recognition took place during the meeting with kundalini yoga.

I love the complexity, speed and power of kundalini yoga. If your subconscious mind clings to some “cool” thought pattern or behavioural habit with ten nails, kundalini yoga will fly in, give you a friendly slap to the head, and says, “Look, here it is, let’s deal!” And all the ten nails of your subconscious will lose their strength in an instant, and the process of cleansing-healing-a happier life can begin.

I love how easy, warm and supportive it is to connect through mantras to a higher and purer vibration, how much fresh space in the body, mind and soul is created by a single breathing cycle, and what taste is all one of soluble emptiness in silent meditation. And how enjoyable it is to be “completely in your own body” after an intense series of exercises. Kundalini yoga brings us into contact with our greater supernatural nature and ego-free oneness. And in this oneness only pure joy and unconditional love vibrate. That is why kundalini yoga is primarily a practice of pure love for me.

I hope you find something inspiring and breathtaking in your Happiness Lab for yourself, useful and worth experimenting with, or just something that makes you want to have a say. Your thoughts, experiences and shares are very welcome!

Yoga studies
2011-2012 KRI Level 1 Teacher Training
2012 KRI Level 2 Teacher Training “Authentic Relationships”
2012 Conscious Pregnancy Yoga Teacher & Yoga Doula Training
2012-2014 Shakti Dance Teacher Training
2013 Childplay Yoga, Gurudass Kaur
2013 Yogic Science to Break Habits & Addictive Behaviour, Mukta Kaur Khalsa
2020-2023 Karam Kriya Yogic Science of Numbers
2021 Coach training EKR3, University of Tartu