I teach Kundalini Yoga and Yin Yoga and work with DNA Rememberance.  I am trained Kundalini Yoga teacher Level 1 & Level 2., Yin Yoga Teacher, Reiki Healer 1 & 2. Have several international courses in DNA Rememberance techniques.

I teach weekly in my own yoga studio Dalgas Yoga, Frederiksberg and have taught more than 4500 hours of yoga. My focus is on improving your health and increasing your self-esteem, increasing your confidence and increasing your love for yourself. I organize Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 and the Teacher Training Level 2 and Yin Yoga Teacher Training in the yoga studio at Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, Denmark. Host and organize Kundalini Yoga and Yin Yoga Trips to Peru, Egypt and Assisi, italy

For me personally, I have been widely exploring various techniques for more than 25 years. I have been to Ashram in India, I have attended courses with Shamans in South America, Courses with Indians in the Californian Forests, Mother Earth courses with Kanaka Maolier on the volcanoes in Hawaii and much more can be added. But for me personally, the only thing that really change myself profoundly was: KUNDALINI YOGA – here you experience a technique that works physically, mentally and spiritually and you learn to lift yourself, rather than trying to lean on a Guru, Master, Priest… . In my lessons I guide you knowingly and safely into an improved health, increased self-confidence, increased self-esteem and most importantly, I guide