In 2010 I started my KUNDALINI YOGA TEACHER Training (Level 1and 2) with 3ho and directly committed to teach Kundalini Yoga. Before that I graduated as a Master of Business Administration in China and Paris and I worked for several years in huge business corporations while having a lot of pain. So in 2010 I stepped into the field of conscious self care, self love and detoxification on all levels.

In 2014 I founded the first Kundalini Yoga Zentrum Bliss in Hanover (Germany). . I became a non-medical practitioner of psychotherapy and client-centered talking therapist. Since 2010 I have been on every European Kundalini Yoga Festival in France and did at least 30 days of White Tantric. During a White Tantric meditation I had a clear vision how to get much closer to fulfill my destiny. I decided to do my Diamond Light Priestess diploma to work with light crystals and diamond light frequencies in 2016.

Since then I am using MY CLEAR CHANNEL and the beautiful light crystal energies for AURA CLEARING, to clear karma, fears, emotions and thought patterns out of the physical and all the other spiritual bodies. I support many to get in contact with their personal spirit guides. I offer and sell Malas and light crystals which are pushing and stabilizing the diamond light body process.

I love to channel guided light crystal meditations in a relaxed state of being, while travelling the world with my spiritual gifts. Offering RETREATS, SEMINARS and WORKSHOPS is part of my path of joy and fulfillment and since 2019 I am happy to offer intense DIAMOND LIGHT PRIESTESS TRAININGS. I love to meet you all in person soon!

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