We are busy setting up the 2023 Festival program.
Meanwhile you can check what was happening last time 🙂

Here is the sample of he 2021 Festival program:

202115th Thor’s day16th FRI17th SAT18th SUN
Day of retreat & silenceSat-Ur-daySunday Sundance
5.00-7.30Morning practice |
Hansu Jot (MAL/GER)
Morning practiceMorning practice |
Vlad Loginov
10.30-12.3010.00 entry to the Festival groundsDepth of Fairy tales |
Margit Taranbir
Fullvinyasa |
Jocke & Terje
Womens Circle |
Liina Ravneet
13.00-13.30— lunch —— lunch —lunch —lunch —
13.30-14.00Tuning in |
Terri Prabhudeep
free time–free time–free time–
14.00-16.00Light Crystals |
Nadine Tejpal (GER)
Pegasus Unicorn Channeling |
Nadine Tejpal (GER)
Womens Circle |
Terri Prabhudeep
Mens Class | Ats Ravprem
16.30-18.30Long meditation |
Henry Prabhudeep
Laughter yoga |
Ajaib Kaur
Forever Young |
Vlad Loginov
Closing ceremony
& Sundance |
Raivo Juhanson
19.00-20.00— dinner —dinner —dinner —
20.00-20.30–free time–free time–free time–
20.30-22.00Gong sound therapy |
Kaia Karjatse
3 Voices of the Heart & dance | ArjunaSacred Chant Concert | Hansu Jot (MAL/GER)

The Workshops are for everybody, no matter your age or gender or religious inclination.
You may have no experience of Kundalni yoga or you might be long time practitioner – you are very welcome!

If you are ready to decide to join buy your Festival pass.

The schedule is subject to change.