I have been a long-term entrepreneur and have worked in various fields. Since my desire has been to constantly move forward in life and experience something new, it has been an interesting and inspiring journey where everything has been. Rise and fall, joys and pains. This is life in life. My path to self-discovery began in 2008, when I happened to take a self-development course that literally changed my understanding of the true nature of life. The realization that the world is much wider and more mystical than we can perceive it with the 5 senses gave us the impetus to move on a path of self-development that began to change life gradually but powerfully. I am a practitioner by nature and I want to gain as much experience in life as possible in order to grow and raise self-awareness. Self-development practices and yoga have become a daily part of my life to keep myself balanced, enjoy life even more and enjoy living at the moment.
I work on a daily basis under the name of the Conscious Man and create various self-development events: men’s circles, men’s yoga, meditation evenings, awareness courses, seminars, self-development counselling, retreat creation and guidance, liberating dancing, etc.