The most important thing in Kundalini yoga is your own experience. It takes you straight to the heart. No word can replace personal experience. Your mind may or may not accept words, but your consciousness will not only accept words.

Kundalini yoga has got in my way many times. I went to sadhana as a musician, helped with yoga book photos and from time to time I also participated in some yoga camps or classes. However, I had not been able to fall into this “trap” and successfully avoid a deeper path until Jivan Mukta’s meditative healing course caught me. From then on, I began to practice the two 120-day meditations “prescribed” to me, and since then I have been practising kundalini yoga on a daily basis.

I had been practising yoga (so-called gymnastics) for a long time, and this “gymnastics” also provided balance and peace of mind. Throughout my life, I have been accompanied by good intuition — even when I was a child, I knew that the answers would come in a dream and I wouldn’t bother worrying too much about worrying. At the same time, I always found a logical explanation for everything that could be explained to me, probably influenced by my studies in a special class of mathematics and physics and my work as an analyst. It took a while for me to accept the “logic” that if something inside me says something, that’s right — I don’t have to explain everything. As I’ve always said, I’m perfectly normal — the voices in my head confirm it 🙂

Kundalini yoga is very much about intuition and awakening the voice of the soul. It may seem daunting at first if you have covered yourself with a mask all your life and suddenly you see your true self, but if you go through the initial fright, living by intuition will help you to cope with many things in everyday life better and more efficiently.

In addition to the classic kundalini yoga classes, I also conduct special men’s yoga classes. I really like the energy of men’s yoga — concrete and straightforward, no scattering. Men are different from women and it is often easier to start practising yoga with other men. Yogi Bhajan has said that what kind of woman you have at home depends on the man. Family harmony again depends on the woman. As a man becomes calmer and in control of his mind, the woman also becomes more harmonious, and with it the harmony of the family. In addition, yoga provides a lot of new knowledge and tools for better understanding and coping with life’s surprises.

Kundalini yoga is meant to support and improve “ordinary life”, not to meditate in solitude in a cave. I know from experience that these techniques work fast and change is easy to come by.