Sat Guru Kaur Khalsa
Sat Guru Kaur Khalsa (GB/Spain)

Sat Guru Kaur Khalsa is a British Lead Kundalini Trainer of level 1 & level 2. For 20 years she has been living this magical path of Kundalini Yoga in Barcelona, and was touched deeply by the teachings whilst living alongside the Master Yogi Bhajan, in Espanola, USA.

She feels deeply connected to the Golden lineage and passionately transmits the purity and essence of what is Kundalini Yoga in her workshops and masterclasses around Europe and South America. She is a certified Somatic Experience Therapist (Trauma Resolution by Peter Levine) and uses the SE touch in my Kundalini Trainings and Workshops worldwide.

Sat Guru was inspired by Yogi Bhajan’s teachings for Women, and when she lived in Mexico, a well known Shaman touched her third eye with a cystal and said, “Go, the women are waiting for you!” Since then, I have been teaching and holding healing circles for women, specially designed sacred retreats for women, to practice Kundalini Yoga and Meditations to heal and transform their lives, and to reconnect to their essence.

She believes the Aquarian Age can only truly take place, once the women own their complete feminine power and step up to the responsibility of holding the wisdom and projection it will take to heal and live the new age.

Sat Guru Kaur is a dynamic teacher who believes in keeping the teachings pure but real, and transmitting them in a modern and transparent way, but staying faithful to the tradition.