At the Festival registration you will be given a seva project to help to run the Festival.
However if you are willing to serve more and skip some workshops you may want to do work exchange.

There is a limited amount of discounts available for people who perform more strenuous and time consuming jobs

How to Register?
1. Grab your ticket
2. Fill in the application form below on this page.
Select the type of work exchange that you are interested in from the application form.
In case your application is granted, you might get a partial or full refund from the Festival pass depending on the assignment and Work-exchange Team will send you the Work Form.
3. Fill that Work Form you received and send it back to the Work-exchange Team
4. Start your work as agreed with the Team on time. Notice! If you shall not start your agreed work-exchange program on time, the Work-exchange Team might cancel your agreement and you will not get that refund.

Fill in the Work-Exchange form:


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