Tiina talks about herself and her relationship with the world of sounds:

Music, playing instruments, singing and sounds have accompanied me throughout my life. I have been on the path of sound healing for the past 8 years. When healing with sounds, I mainly use gongs, crystal sound bowls, Tibetan sound bowls, shaman’s drum, koshi wind chimes, voice and other harmonically tuned musical instruments.

Years of practice and various experiences have made me truly believe in the wonderful healing power of sounds. ✨️

The healing vibrations of gongs and sound bowls help to achieve a state of peace of mind that, when practiced, helps us cope with everyday stress and tension. By relaxing in this way, the ability to study and concentrate improves, and creative abilities are revealed. Through the state of inner peace, a positive attitude is strengthened and an opportunity for wider self-awareness opens up, in order to deal with various problems and find solutions to them.