My name is Vladislav (Vlad) Loginov – a Kundalini yoga teacher, medium, moving spirit
(inspirer), angelologist, coach and practicing energy and theta healer. I’ve participated in A
Course in Miracles in the US with Marianne Williamson (a famous writer, supported by
Oprah Winfrey, of more than 20 books, some of which are New York bestsellers).

I run a charity fund BeU SuperHumans for children and teens with special physical and
psychological needs.

I write haikus in the morning – a Japanese style poetry that shares a whole spectrum of
emotions and states of mind in just 3 lines.
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Additional info:
My vision:
I believe that every person has the resources and potential to develop their spirit and power
to live with an endless connection to the Source of Power.

I lived in US, UK and Russia for 17 years. I have experience of working in consulting,
petroleum and financial industries. and
12+ years of research in human mind, consciousness, as well as practices focused on
reality management. I was a leading coach and successfully ran a Transferring centre in

I have been practicing yoga for almost 14 years. I started teaching online on regular
basis during 2020 pandemic for 100 people. There are also special classes for parents of
and children with special physical and psychological needs. To date more than 60 people
have attended the classes, providing support for 30 families.

THE MOST IMPORTANT ACHIEVEMENT is a launch of Happy Hearts, a collective of
wheelchair dancers with more than 40 members. Members have become winners and
laureates of international contests and festivals.

We have recorded and mastered a mantra together with students and intend to release an
album dedicated to children.

I had a successful collaboration and fund raising of more than € 30,000 for charities such
as Naked Hearts (, Gift of Life ( and
Children Tumour Foundation (
I was in Top 100 of Estonian Businessmen in 2014.
I am a vegetarian, regularly practice fasting, early rises and spiritual retreats. I’ve
participated in Ironman in Hawaii and ran a major marathon New York – completing on top of
the leaderboard.