Please bring

  • eating utensils (plates, cutlery, cups)
  • a sheepskin or rug to do yoga on
  • a plastic groundsheet if needed (workshops are being held in open Park)
  • at least one blanket for early morning meditation
  • both light and warm clothing and raingear
  • comfortable, pref. white cotton clothing
  • a cotton headcover
  • a torch/flashlight and medical travel kit
  • a tent, a sleeping bag and a pad to sleep on (unless you reserve a room/bed)
  • a water canteen
  • optional: musical instrument, camera, notebook
  • a money pouch or wallet to carry passport and money with you (for security reasons)- please bring enough cash as the nearest ATM is 17 km away

Do not bring

  • drugs
  • alcohol
  • cigarettes
  • meat
  • animals
  • valuables
  • extra food 

In case you bring children

  • raincoat
  • boots
  • sweater
  • warm mat
  • blanket
  • change of clothes
  • water canteen
  • walking shoes
  • swimsuit
  • swim shoes
  • towel, nappies (toddlers).

    Please label all items and put in a sturdy backpack or carrying bag.