This year, we have invited many inspiring guests to the festival to create a heartfelt world with ease, yoga and meditation, singing and dancing, eating and just like that.
Join us!

The Workshops are for everybody, regardless the age, background or the previous experience with Yoga and meditation.

The subjects are very practical and intended to help all participants to find their way accross these turbulent times.

Check this section soon again – we are adding information constantly.

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Laughter Yoga
Ajaib Kaur

During laughter, the mind is silent. We cannot laugh and be afraid at the same time!

Laughter adds creativity, learning and concentration, stress tolerance and joy to life to our lives, frees us from dogmas, and makes us look at life with a new perspective.

In laughter yoga, we practice laughter exercises, laughing through the chakras, laughing breathing exercises, Gibberish and deep relaxation. We learn how to laugh unconditionally about the ridiculousness of our minds. The inner narrator becomes silent and you can be present in the moment – here and now. Laughter yoga is a deep work that takes us on an inner journey to release old emotions, awaken the inner child and experience peace and quiet. In this state we can be in meditation and completely relaxed. The laughter is heartwarming, while creating deep silence and better contact with the participants.

“Looking closely at life, it is a tragedy; if to a large extent, then comedy. ”- Charlie Chaplin

Jocke & Terje

We will be using the Fullvinyasa concept as the tool to help us in the journey within. If you are interested, you can find more information about the concept from our website ( so let’s just go into the details of what we are trying to achieve with the class.

The first goal is to get out of the mind and connect with the physical body. Fullvinyasa is a strong, dynamic class, but we will teach it with progressions so that everyone can find their way of executing it. The movement is guided by a meditative loop created with a drum machine by Jocke. The loop is specially designed for this class, to give the desired rhythm for our breath. The even rhythmic breathing then leads the movement in our class.

The breath and our nervous system are connected. Influence one and you will influence the other. The deep rhythmic breathing we use balances our nervous system and calms down the mind. The dynamic sequence and asanas connect us with the physical body.

We are halfway there. With the dynamic, physical breathing practice we have reached the natural state. We are not occupying our illusionary dream world created by our mind, but a slightly more solid reality of here and now. Obviously not anything absolute or actually real, but at least not a dream within a dream.

At the end of the asana class, we start the process of slowing down and diving deeper in. We stay in a few easy poses for much longer and breathe slower. We go from the dynamic yang style practice into a more passive yin style practice. Effort is replaced with letting go. Observing the body and layer by layer releasing control, the control that has its roots in fear. Letting go, not adding on. The simple truth of yoga. Letting go of the structures of “self”.

From these slow poses, we seamlessly transition into a deep guided relaxation/meditation. We start the last part of our journey together. Who am I? There is no question bigger than that. Am I Jocke or is that just a concept? With Terje’s guidance, we start diving into the depth of our being. From the mind to the body and further into the heart. Where will we end up? We don’t know. It is up to each one of us to go and see. No one will do it for us.

“I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it.” -Morpheus

Sisterhood Circle
Terri Prabhudeep

Manifestation in female energy.

Do you also feel that by constantly putting pressure on yourself and overworking, you no longer want things to progress?

The beginning of the Age of Aquarius marks a new way of manifesting. Women’s energy creates a circle with others and sows the seeds – engaging, supporting and uplifting. Feminine soft values are those that will lead the way to a better tomorrow in the new era. Joyful and free-flowing female energy manifests in any way by working with others. His creation is born of softness and lightness and without too much effort. He knows that everything happens just when the time is right. He trusts deep down that everything he has experienced so far and all the power and love of the Universe will support him. He is considerate and flexible and flows in sync with the creative flow of the Universe.
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Mens class
Ats Ravprem

Yoga gives a man mental balance, a good nervous system, a good physique, teaches himself to feel and trust his intuition, keeps the body healthy and strong, the mind sharp and clear, and the energy abundant.
Men’s yoga is aimed at men in such a way that the greater of their exercises are dynamically physical and vigorous rather than static stretching exercises. Meditations are based on what a man needs – potency, potential, stability.
Men are different from women, and it is often easier to start practicing yoga with other men.

Female circle
Liina Ravneet

Female circle:
How to keep a woman in her mother’s role and nurture femininity.

We share, narrate, do flowing yoga movements and special female meditations to (re) create and strengthen the connection with our feminine origin.

Depth of Fairy tales
Taranbir Kaur

In yoga, you connect with your Infinite Self to be here and now, to be pure. With the help of the fairy tale, you open up an endless source right inside you to be connected again.

Long Meditation
Henry Prabhudeep

Meditative Healing™ is a method within the field of complementary therapies. It is the outcome of the meeting of ancient transformative meditations, the energetic elevation of Bhakti Yoga and the modern expertise of deep psychology. Meditative Healing™ is to generate health, healing and the natural body-mind state of balance. It harmonizes the dynamic relationship between subtle dimensions and the tangible world.

Pegasus-unicorn channeling & Aura Clearing
Nadine Tejpal

Tejpal is a Diamond Light Priestess. She is using her MY CLEAR CHANNEL and the beautiful light crystal energies for AURA CLEARING, to clear karma, fears, emotions and thought patterns out of the physical and all the other spiritual bodies. She supports many to get in contact with their personal spirit guides. She also offers and sells Malas and light crystals which are pushing and stabilizing the diamond light body process.